The Importance Of Cognition And Cognitive Levels Essay

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In this lifetime, cognitive processes will be used to perform a numerous amount of tasks for each and every person on this planet. Think about eve rything cognition impacts. Assessing day to day problems, figuring out math equations, observing and lea rning social rules and responsibilities all involve different cognition levels an d different ways of thinking.
This paper

s intentions are to introduce several cognitive levels unde r the category of moral cognition while providing enough information that thro ugh analyzing a certain subject or subjects, a conclusion can be finalized about the individual

s cognitive levels. Background information will be provided to give the reader a basic under standing of each theorist and their beliefs and formats to better comprehend the data and the re sults that are found.
Conceptual Overview
The basic overriding concept in this research is the topi c of moral cognition. Moral cognition can be assessed by understanding an individual

s thought process when this person is brought into a certain situation or scenario. Their personal experien ces or perhaps the way they were raised may involve the way they internalize culturally given rules or standards they may hold while assessing scenarios they can encounter or are given in t heir day to day life. Although there is not technically a wrong cognitive level, there are ages assumed with certain stages, depending on the researcher and their studies. The
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