The Importance Of Collaborative Counselor Client Relationship

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The Skilled Helper provides a general framework for the helping process and combines the approaches of problem management and opportunity development to aid students in becoming more proficient helpers. The model is a flexible step by step three stage one with different goals of helping and is illustrated through case examples in sections of the thirteen chapters. The book emphasizes the importance of collaborative counselor client relationship and employs different case examples and techniques for establishing such a relationship. Students are also encouraged to be cognizant of the impact of diversity and multiculturalism in the helping process. Each chapter begins with a clear outline of what is included with brief case scenarios to illustrate what is written. Chapters 1 through 3 provide an overview of the helping model, an illustrative diagram of the model itself and values which drive the helping process. Author’s Background and Credentials: Gerard Egan, a Professor Emeritus at Loyola University of Chicago, works as a consultant, coach and counselor to chief executives, senior managers and their teams and author of over fifteen books (p viii). Scholarly Evaluation: The Skilled Helper provides readers with a comprehensive step by step three stage model through focusing on the culture of helping using a problem management and opportunity development approach. It focuses on values as being the driving force of the helping process and the development of a collaborative
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