The Importance Of College Experiences In My Life

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The message that past college students continue to repeat is that college was the best times of their lives. However, naturally being rewarded with so much fun and activities, we must make ourselves accountable for how we decide to spend our undergraduate years. Based on what we have gained on our own past experiences, we must apply it to our lives now to achieve the best version of ourselves. My understanding of needing to pursue a higher education began at a young age. The transition from elementary school into middle school gave me a wake up call; I knew I needed to try harder to receive better grades. I can contribute some of my motivation of being successful in school to living in a small town that I did not feel it did a good job to support individuals like myself who wanted to shoot high for their dreams. Moreover, being a low income latina in a rural conservative town gave me a perspective many of my caucasian friends did not have. Because it seemed that the environment I was in was against me, it challenged me to strive for my future.
The most significant point in my life was when my father died by suicide when I was sixteen years old. Not only did I lose my beloved father but I as well inherited a new role in my family as the head of my household. With my older brother moving away to college, and my mother’s lack of English, it was up to me to assist my mother in areas such as paying the bills, scheduling dental appointments, and teaching her and my little
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