The Importance Of College Level Writing

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The importance of college-level writing is a topic that is very much backed up and accompanied by facts and studies. Writing in the college-level is needed in order to master college work in any class. Basically all classes require you to more than likely submit some kind of research paper or essay. Writing for Learning to Improve Students’ Comprehension at the College Level by Fahad Alharbi as well as Luiza Costa Ribeiro, Writing Essays at College: Why it’s Important both go into detail on how important writing at this level is and all the skills learned for during and after college. As well on how you can benefit from them. Students should care about learning how to write at the college level because it is part of the foundation of learning how to comprehend readings. Learning to understand any type of readings can help in the workplace as well as college. This is because the reader will be able to fully the grasp the idea of what is being told to to them. Therefore, the best way to learn this skill is being able to be a writer that knows how to “influence a student's comprehension”(Alhabri 2). This could also help in the workplace because you know what to do in order to get the job done effectively. Another reason for learning how to write in the college level it is because all college classes you writing as a medium for assignments. As said by the author of Writing for Learning to Improve Students’ Comprehension at the College Level, students are” required to write
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