The Importance Of College Level Writing

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Professional scholars have their own perspective on what college level writing is and how it is done. A various number of scholars believe that college writing consists of well articulate writing skills and having the authority to make your work dynamic in every aspect. Well articulate writing skills consist of knowing how to explain yourself with legitimate grammar, and having the authority is knowing automatically how you are going to write, and having the ability to write coherently. Scholars like Elizabeth Wardle and Donald M. Murray have explained what college level writing is in their knowledge and how to distinguish those writing skills in your essay. College level writing in Elizabeth and Donald’s view consist of finding your identity. To start off, a professional scholar named Elizabeth Wardle believed that in college writing, it is important to find an identity in your writing. Finding your identity in writing is when the writer knows their limits, and they stick to who they truly are as a writer and not modify into something that they are not. In Elizabeth Wardle Identify, authorities, quotes she says, “To find their own unique identities within new organizations, new comers must choose levels and types of engagement; they must find modes of belonging” (Wenger 156). Elizabeth Wardle says that writer’s must put themselves in a position where they are going to be comfortable in and not engage in something that’s out of their usual comfort zone. As Elizabeth says,
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