The Importance Of College Writing

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Prior to arriving at Berkeley, I initially had trouble with applying critical thinking skills into interpreting texts and providing meaningful analysis on my essays. Before I encountered a college-level English class in my academic career, I would only showcase minimal, simple explanations that were clearly apparent to the readers without providing any significant observations about the text. I interpreted critical thinking as a crucial, important element in not just English classes, but in any class that required writing essays and understanding the content the textbook. Since I had trouble with developing my critical thinking skills, it was hard for me to develop a strong thesis because like how critical thinking is important in any class one encounters in their academic career, a strong thesis is important because the entire baseline and foundation of a student’s essay revolves around the thesis as well as be able to provide evidence to back up one’s argument. Because these problems would constantly follow me around in any class I encountered, I felt an extreme sense of low confidence that I would not be able to advance as a critical thinker in advanced college classes. However, it was not until the College Writing R1A program thankfully gave me the opportunity to further develop my skills as a reader and a writer in my classes.
Coming in College Writing R1A, I was afraid that my writing was not up to par with the standards and expectations of college level writing.
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