The Importance Of Colors In The Chinese Culture

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The author attempts to understand the connotations of colours in the Chinese culture and how it shapes its day-to-day socio-political and economic transactions. The author elucidates and develops the theory of Keane about the transfer of messages in context to the established relationships among the people belonging to specific cultures. The author employs ethnographic research tactics in order to experience and understand the basic connections of the colours with that of the Chinese culture. The main argument of the paper establishes that there could be more complex relationships between the perceptions of colour among diverse cultures across the world. The study precisely focuses on the meanings of the materials to convey the nature of the relationships.
Toulson attempts to explore the meanings of materials especially the colours that carry more than just a message or compliment. It enables my own understanding regarding the functioning of meaning making and its relevance to the basic cultural etiquettes of a culture. The author makes the study very interesting by inferring the importance of red colour of envelopes (hóngbāo) that appear at Singaporean Chinese funerals. It is very thought-provoking because of the fact that colours do are important to certain cultures. The paper attempts to draw a relationship between death and the colour (red) that represents it. The red colour has an intimate relationship with the sociocultural notions of China including the Christians
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