The Importance Of Commitment To Moccasin Bend

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I returned from one of the groups I attended to the main recreational building where people wait after meetings. There were not too many people back from groups, and I did not see anyone that I met before. I attempted to talk to a few people; however, they did not wish to talk to me as they refused to answer my conversation initiations or responded briefly and walked away. Finally, I sat down close to this younger female. She looked up and told me that she loved my shirt and that green was her favorite color. I responded that it was mine too, and I moved closer to her seat to be able to talk to her. She told me that she used to live in another state with her mom and grandparents. Her mother met a man, and moved to Chattanooga to be with him. She went with her mother, and then she…show more content…
She said that she is waiting to be placed in a group home, and she was hoping to leave soon. I do not think that she knew much about any group homes as she seemed very anxious and did not know what to expect. She asked many questions such as if she could eat until she was full, if they helped her get a job, and if they helped her finish high school. I told her that they could help her find a job when she is…show more content…
Even though she wanted to return to her last high school, she could go to a local high school if she wanted a diploma. At one time, she reached her arm out in front of me to show me her bracelet that she made in art class. My reaction was to touch the bracelet, but when I reached out she jerked away to prevent me from touching it. I should have been more cautious after knowing her reaction to eye contact, and I honestly thought she wanted me to examine it further. I should be more aware on people’s personal space, and their body language to see if I am responding in an appropriate
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