The Importance Of Common Core Standards

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Common Core Standards is a topic that everyone in school, and everyone that has been in school, has heard about. The state of Alabama adopted these standards in the early 2000’s and they have been the core curriculum guide in classrooms since. Recently, the standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts have been renamed and are now known as the Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards. Of course, like any new idea, there has been some controversy about the topic. Educators, students, parents and administrators all have their own viewpoint and opinions about the new standards. As a student, and future educator, I believe that the Alabama College Career Readiness Standards are a great addition to the state of Alabama’s…show more content…
They are clearly stated and they still give the teacher freedom to create lesson plans in a manner that best fits them and their students. Teachers played a huge role in designing these new standards so it is safe to say that they should have minimal issues when implementing them into their classrooms. The best understanding of what works in the classroom comes from experience. ( ) Families are constantly moving to different parts of the state, rather it be for a new job or just because they want a new scene, regardless, new students entering the classroom is inevitable. With the new standards, this is no issue for teachers. With the content being the same statewide, it is easy for teachers to stay on track even with new students. Nothing should be new to the student other than the environment of the school and classroom.
The Alabama College and Career Readiness Standards main goal is to prepare students for college and their future careers. The standards are drawn from the best existing standards, preparing students for the competition that they will encounter in the workplace. ( ) The old standards only required students to have basic knowledge of the content being taught. This was not helping our students in any way and it also decreased the college graduation rate. The students entering college found that they were more behind than expected. The lack of guidance and teaching from k-12 schooling resulted in lower test scores, placing these college freshman
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