The Importance Of Communication

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is defined as a method of communication, either spoken or written, that consist of the use of words to convey a meaning. Although this is how language is defined, language is more than just words spoken and written. It is its own art that can be expressed however you choose. You can tell a lot about a person from the way they express themselves in speaking and writing. To me the most important things that language does is it allows anyone and everyone to communicate and connect with each other and it allows anyone everyone to make themselves heard. Language is a big part of anyone and everyone no matter where they come from. It is a universal tool that I use in my everyday life to connect and communicate with my friends and family as close as my twin sister in Oxford Ohio, to as far as my cousins in London. My Uncle moved to England about ten years ago for business. This was not the most ideal place to move to keep in touch with family living in the states. Although if my uncle had never moved he would have never met his wife and they would have never started a beautiful family together. I am lucky enough to be able to communicate and connect with my new family in London through language. We are so lucky to be able to speak to speak with each other and keep up with each other’s lives in the same language. We communicate through Skype calls and are able to share new things in each other’s live whenever we wish. Every holiday we have a session where the entire family gets
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