The Importance Of Communication In Communication

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The workplace is an environment that is constantly changing the way managers and co-workers communicate. Whether it may be in communicating in person or online there are typically different approaches to the communicating to different audiences in the workplace. When co-workers communicate they often send emails to each other regarding a certain objective. The same principle applies to Managers except being more formal is key to represent a professional proposal. Knowing the audience you plan to communicate with is important because you need to tailor you message accordingly to a higher management because the type of audience you are presenting to needs to have the appropriate message. Things to consider is recognizing the technical and ethical background of the person you begin to address. This allows you to consider the person you write to as well as the level of understanding both co-worker and manager. Secondly, understanding the audience you are speaking to is important, but so I identifying the type of writing mediums you plan to use while communicating. For example if you begin addressing a coworker you can use email to send professional messages concerning objectives or business. Another writing medium you can use with coworkers is memos. Memos are typically always within the legal and ethical concerns. This formal type of medium is great for communication with an individual or group. In the textbook “Memos are most often a form of in house correspondence, written
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