The Importance Of Communication In Education

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The moment I began English class and read the textbook On Course, I learned new information about myself to becoming a successful student and having a support system in my education. I began to think about why is communicating about my educational goals to individuals is important to me? How do my family play a significant role in my academics? What methods help me communicate with individuals for someone to understand or if I am listening to someone talk? However, there are many reasons communicating with my family is the most important to me.
Communicating with my family is important to myself as a student to have the support I need to enhance my future. My parents tell me how fortunate I am to be in college because they wish someone would have told them college is important. They have always encouraged me to continue my education and become someone in the future. My parents give me the motivation to aim towards my goals within my academics. Without my family support they have given me, I would not be in college. They support every decision I make when it comes to my education and what they believe is best for me. There are certain days I will lose focus in school of not willing to put an effort into my homework, but my parents remind me of their lifestyle in the past.
One of the many reasons my parents support education is in the past they struggled to make ends meet for me and my brothers. They do not want me to make the same choice as they did.
However, sharing my
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