The Importance Of Communication In Healthcare

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When you have money in your back account, you are able to draw that money even if you are out of town and you are able to see the statement from any other branches. But when you discharge from a hospital the information does not exchanged that easily even to the clinic in the same street. Effective communication is the integral part of todays high-tech era. The information technology not only should assist in improving the communication but also an important catalyst for quality and cost reduction in health care. As the whole healthcare continuum is advancing in technology, the communication between the organizations and within the departments is an integral part of supporting patient engagement and introducing new models of care (American Hospital Organization, 2015). In this paper a report on finding solution to improve the communication and coordination between admitting, laboratory, pharmacy, and clinicians to increase throughput is discussed. The solution proposed is supported by HL7 and can be instituted without changing the existing software.
The organization is experiencing a major issue of lack of communication between different departments including admitting, radiology, laboratory and clinicians. Interoperability between facilities and departments within the facility is an essential part of care coordination. The failure to interoperability could prevent the development of HIT tools for the coordination of care (Samal,, 2016). The inadequacy in
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