The Importance Of Communication In My Culture

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In society today, people have friends that belong to numerous diverse cultural groups. When it comes to meeting new people from unique cultural groups, the form of communication are all different. Those that do not use the correct form of communication when encountering new people from different ethnicity, it can lead to misunderstanding and tremendous conflicts. For instance, I am Vietnamese and in our culture, the way people communicate determines their characteristics, personalities, and how educated they are. This is extremely important in my culture since it reveals how we treat adults and if we admire them or not. On the other hand, my friend Yary, who is Cambodian, her way of communicating defines how respectful one is, based on their tone. The Cambodian and the Vietnamese’s lifestyle tends to have multiple similarities, but also have a few differences about certain topics. When it comes to communicating, the situational context, physical appearance, and self presentation all plays a different role in every heritage. To learn extend my knowledge about different cultures and their way of communicating, I interviewed my friend Yary, to compare and contrast our way of communicating through our culture.
To begin with, everyone has a different speech repertories when it comes to different situations. Particularly, greetings is one situation where there are different ways for people to greet elders. No would would greet their friends the same as their grandparents,
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