The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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In a healthcare setting, communication is the transfer of information among staff nurse, nurse managers, and others healthcare workers. The staff nurse utilizes constant communication between supervisors, physicians, nurses, patients, patient’s families, and so many others including environmental services. Engaging in the nursing profession is very important for positive patient outcomes and satisfaction. To learn more, I interviewed one of the staff nurse named P and my nurse manager named N at a large local hospital located in St. Paul, Minnesota. I began my interview with staff Nurse “P” who always works as a charge nurse on a busy cardiac care unit.
I asked Nurse P what she perceived as the main communication issue. She replied that “you saw me sitting at my desk, which for some people it appears like fun but for me the calling staff nurse concerning new orders, follow up patient complaints, forwarding physician’s calls to the primary nurse, responding to patient’s call, forwarding messages to nurse manager and constant contact with daily shift supervisor about daily staff needs and patient’s concerns are challenging and time-consuming.” (staff nurse P. 2017)
As my interview continued with the charge nurse P, I asked her how she communicates with colleagues and leaders. Her response was very simple: it is very important to facilitate patient care. Further, she stated, “most of the time, I do communicate with staff nurses face to face, listen to them and respond
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