The Importance Of Communication In Nursing

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Talk about the importance of communication in nursing and healthcare. Students in the program will sharpen communication skills.

Why Does Communication in Nursing Matter?

Communication is a skill that we learn as babies and perfect over time. Communication is defined as the process during which information is shared through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages. At birth, communication begins with crying, and you learn that crying gets your needs met. As you grow, you learn to talk and have meaningful conversations with people. You learn nonverbal and verbal communication through everyday interactions. As you join into the nursing profession, by completing your RN-BSN degree program, communication becomes more important than ever! Communicating With the Patient
Types and purposes exist every day for every conversation nurses have with patients.

Types of Nurse-Patient Discussions
Patients want to take part in their care, be heard, be cared for, and they want respect. During a typical day, there are four types of discussions nurses have with patients.

They include:

Meeting the patient’s needs - Nurses converse to meet the needs of patients. For example, patients ask for medication or water.
General Conversing - Nurses engage with conversations about life, about the nurse’s children, about our children to build connections and rapport.
Educate - Nurses educate patients about their medications for their new diagnosis, like you would your spouse or
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