The Importance Of Communication In The American Indian Culture

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Biological Variations Biological variations may seem to be the most intuitive practice for healthcare providers. However, the provider must not only observe but ask questions pertaining to one’s genetic history. Assessing patient genetic and family history is imperative to health risks, drug therapies, and presentation of illnesses. This includes an individual’s skin color, race, stature, and even psychological coping of illness (Sager, 2011). Model Applied to American Indian Labor and Delivery Application of the Transcultural Analysis to an American Indian culture is accomplished through known cultural beliefs and practices. However, it is important to note that while each culture may have defining characteristics, family and individual practices may vary. To be an effective provider implementation must be tailored to individual needs. Starting with cultural awareness and building a care plan fit for the individual is ideal in the healthcare setting. Communication in the American Indian Culture Communication with the American Indian culture can vary from different tribe types. Some of the most important aspects to note is that this culture tends to use many anecdotes or metaphors to discuss their health issues (Galanti, 2008). Sam D. Gill (1983) author of Native American Traditions writes about communication, noting, “Even ordinary daily speech is colored by complex and sophisticated principles of construction and usage, which often reflect world view and religious

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