The Importance Of Communication In The English Language

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Today, texting and social media are constantly used by millions of individuals. These avenues for communication allow for constant connection available anywhere in the world. With this convenience and increased conversation, the English language has evolved tremendously. Users are accustomed to utilizing slang words and shortcuts to get their point across. In addition, autocorrect or spell check are not always on or available, so simple grammar mistakes can go unnoticed. These factors promote informal articulation and have led to the devaluation of formal speech. With technology continuing to progress and social media’s growing presence, the future of formal grammar in the English language is unclear despite its lasting importance today.
Although advances in technology have many benefits regarding human interaction, grammar skills are still valued in society. For example, In Ontario at Waterloo University, all students are required to take a grammar test and receive a passing grade upon admission. A stunning thirty percent of students, on average, do not pass this basic grammar test. This number has increased from twenty five percent in just a few years. English professor Paul Budra voiced his concern about the topic, saying "the words 'a lot' have become one word, for everyone, as far as I can tell. 'Definitely' is always spelled with an 'a' - 'definately'. I don't know why" (“Texting”). The reason for this poor grammar is clearly texting and social media. The number of social media users has grown considerably, mostly consisting of teenagers and young adults. This is significant because as these young people get adapted to constant informal communication, in this case, their college education could be on the line. This proves the importance of proper grammar and the fact that texting and social media could hurt an individual's future.
Outside of the academic setting, Kyle Wiens, the CEO of iFixit, also feels the need for the priority of correct grammar. Wiens gives every person who applies for a position a mandatory grammar test. He goes by a “zero tolerance” rule, where if one mistake is made, the person does not get called back for a follow-up interview. He understands this policy may seem harsh in some
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