The Importance Of Communication In The Van Devender's Middle School

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Hester has committed adultery inside her hometown and was forced to wear the Scarlet Letter on her breast as a punishment. Inside her community, many members judged Hester by her appearance, and more importantly, her behavior. Unfortunately, Pearl was the love and family she only had. During most days, Pearl and Hester would walk in the woods by gardens and spent lonely days with each other. Back in 2010, the children in the Van Devender’s middle school were forced into a sudden change. The school decided to switch to sex-segregated classes. This quick alternation was changing the aspects on how the whole community felt about the conflict. Van Devender’s middle school children and Hester both face common types of separation in their life. Public communication has caused them to become well known.
An emotionally unbalance on people’s lives cause a negative impact on how they preform throughout their community. One magazine writes, “Halpern’s report shows that both girls’ and boys’ scores on tests in reading, math, social studies, and science (the four subjects taught in sex-segregated classrooms), have dropped significantly…” (Levintona, “Is Putting Boys and Girls in Separate Classrooms Legal?). The transition between the children before and after the school changed affected
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Hester felt a numerous amount of pressure from her neighbors because of her sin. Therefore, she was forced to stay away from everyone and watch her daughter since Pearl was known as a devil child. The children of Van Devender’s middle school also felt like Hester since each girl and boy was separated. These people have had to change their environment whether it was their fault or not. Hester changed based on their actions and the children changed because of the people in control of the school. Consequently, Hester and the children showed that change affects every emotion in a positive or negative
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