The Importance Of Communication Skills

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Communication is something I’m sure everyone has heard a lot of. We are always told to communicate well with others but communicating and more specifically communication skills need more attention. I tend to communicate without using proper communication skills and it makes simple things harder than they need should be. To be successful in postsecondary education and beyond I must use effective communication skills as they create a solid foundation for learning and collaborating. Communication skills involve speaking, listening, writing and good body language. The most successful people will be well versed in each aspect. Many people forget that listening is a vital part of effective communication. Listening to someone speak is basic…show more content…
You don’t want to be trying to explain yourself for hours over something that could have taken no time at all. The first thing to remember is think before you speak. Know what you are trying to say before you say it as it will save you a lot of time. This will also make you seem confident in what you are saying. Therefore, people will be reassured and more likely to not only believe what you are saying but to want to listen. Part of verbal communication is asking questions. Questions are important for when you are unsure of something or maybe want someone else’s opinion. At post secondary education, there will be times when you do not understand something in a lecture. This is the time when a question will be useful. You should word your questions in a way that is bound to be answered how you need it to be. Yes or no questions are usually very simple and hard to branch off of into more detail. When you are trying to encourage discussion always ask open ended questions that everyone can add something of their own too. No matter how good your verbal communication skills are you still always need to think about your body language. Body language can make or break communication. It talks almost as much as your words or writing do. Body language includes things like gestures, posture, facial expressions, body movements and eye contact. It can show your mood and emotions even when you aren’t speaking. People can read your face and body and know how to act in a
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