The Importance Of Community College Graduation Rates

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There is a low number for community college graduation rates, and there are many ways to improve it. The low graduation rates call for changes that must be made within the system. Articles written by Alina Tugend (2016), Meredith Kolodner (2015), and KeriLynn Engel (2014) explain how to improve the graduation rates. They go into detail to point out why there is a low number of students graduating and reveal ways that show how the low number can be raised significantly. Community colleges “only have one-third of students complete” college and receive a degree (Engel, 2014, para. 2). Grauation rates in community colleges can be improved with these appropriate reasons: reducing costs, providing more guidance, and offering less or no remedial classes.
One way that community colleges could raise graduation rates is by lowering costs of tuition, classes, or others. According to Tugend’s (2016) article, “money can be one major reason community college students drop out” (para. 14). College can be very expensive even with financial aid or scholarships which eventually leads to students dropping out. The author of the article “Why are graduation rates at community colleges so low?” agrees “that financial burdens do prevent students from continuing” (Kolodner, 2015, para. 12). When students cannot afford to pay the fees required, they are forced to leave college all together. If administrators consider reducing costs, this will raise the graduation rates significantly.
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