The Importance Of Community, Meaning, And Society

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Religion is the devotion to a religious faith or observance and accumulates many followers. Today, thousands of religions exist including quakerism, Hinduism, Islam, mormonism, Baha'i faith and Atheism. As Zach Anner explored deeper into the different religions through soulpancake, religion was shown to be a catalyst of how many people live their lives. Religion is centered around how many people live their lives as they seek community, meaning, and family. As religion determines how people live their lives, an important aspect of this is community. Community is an common essential aspect surrounding many religious beliefs. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”. This quote reveals the core attributes of community and how it brings people together in fellowship with common goals. Accordingly, this core belief is shown in many religions like the Sukkot Holiday traditions with the Jews and Buddhist values. More specifically, during the time of Sukkot, special plants are combined together. Each plant is a different type and resembles a different person. Therefore Jews believe, “Every plant represents a different type of person and we only connect to God when we combine all types of people together.” (video 3). Jews feel closer to God when they bring people together and it channels such a big aspect of their faith. By bringing people together, it shows that community helps build their faith and
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