The Importance Of Community Service

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Countries, such as Israel, Germany and Malaysia, have an implemented system, which requires young adults to do either a year in the military service or doing community service. The countries each have an their individual reasons. In Israel, the service is seen as a right of passage into adulthood. Germany’s hospitals and charity rely on the work and in Malaysia the year is used to promote racial harmony along with patriotism. This requirement builds the economy in each country; however, would this be applicable to the United States? While community service for a year or military service for a year would encourage individual growth, it would be financially taxing and difficult to enforce with the diverse nation that America has. I will address the community service requirement first in my essay, since many high schools, including Sturgeon Bay, require community service hours to graduate. Personally, I found my community service experiences rewarding and helpful. My first experience was volunteering at the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Center in Green Bay. Since I moved to Sturgeon Bay between my freshman and sophomore year, this experience was done prior to my move to Door County. At the CP Center, I volunteered my time in their day care. Unlike most day cares, the CP Center serves a variety special needs students. I worked directly with these students in wheelchairs with physical and\or mental disabilities, even accompanying them on field trips so they could have the same experience
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