The Importance Of Community Service

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As most kids, I was brought up with the idea that people could either be good or bad. I was told that I wanted to be seen as good and that you never want anyone to see you as bad. I was told bad meant you are a terrible person, people would not like you, and you won’t get presents from Santa, some what joking but you get my point. My mom used this to motivate me to do community services telling me that it would make me a good person. From the beginning of my time, as an active participant in community service, that was my motivation, simply to make sure I was a good person. Though I became older and started to realize life is a lot more complex than good and bad, my role as a community service member was already built into my routine, because I would go to the food pantry most Sundays with my Mom. I started doing it more for the community, the people, and the connections. I started to enjoy working there because it gave me a purpose and I felt like I was helping people, even if I wasn’t seeing it.
As I got to middle school there was a period of time I stopped doing any type of community service, at the beginning of High School I started doing community service again because I felt like was able and I should. This is when I joined my school's service club. Though I joined with the attentions to help, I felt like everyone, including myself, was doing it because it would look great on college applications and resumes. When I realized everyone around me, myself included, was
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