The Importance Of Community Service

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Being in high school and participating in so many clubs causes me to do a lot of community service in my spare time. Even if I was not in those clubs, I would still need to do community service to give back to society. I do various types of community service; my favorite one is anything to do with kids. I feel like doing community service with kids truly helps with the future of the society. The community service I did for this project was refereeing for Upward soccer. My old coach from Upward is over the organization and I contacted him to ask if I could be of any help. The role Upward has in the community is that it brings kids closer to God by playing soccer, basketball and cheerleading. The kids play every Saturday morning and during half time of each game a preacher will lead devotion with the teams. It teaches the kids more about the religion of Christianity and helps them feel like they are a part of something. It also gives kids something to do instead of them sitting inside on technology. When I was a little girl, I participated in both Upward soccer and cheerleading. It brought me to realize how much I enjoy playing soccer and being a part of a team. Ever since I started playing at four years old, I have not stopped and now play it at a varsity level. I did not like playing Upward cheerleading, it was nothing against the organization just the sport was not for me. Which is why I chose this as something to do for community service, even though I do not look at it as community service. I enjoyed doing it and being around kids for those two Saturday’s I was able to do it on. I would have done it every Saturday I had a chance to, but with testing and being out of town it was hard for me to do so. I hate that next year I won’t be able to help out considering I will be away at college. There is not much volunteer work at Upward that does not consist of being around kids. What I did was pretty much disciplining the kids and teaching them more about the rules of soccer. However, I did the younger age groups so it was less strict than it would be with older kids. In the game of soccer, there is something called off-sides where certain players in their position cannot go over in another. For example, a
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