The Importance Of Comprehensive Sex Education

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Many states in the Unites States require that public schools teach some form of sex education. Sex education is a broad topic that covers many things including human sexuality, reproductive health, safe sex, birth control, and abstinence, etc. There are primarily two forms of sex education that are taught. The first of the two is an abstinence-only program, where schools teach their students not to have sexual relations with others outside of marriage; they also do not teach about safe sex or birth control. The other form of sex education that is taught is comprehensive sex education. Schools where comprehensive sex education is taught teach their students about the importance of sexual abstinence, but also teach about proper use of birth control. There are many people who have different opinions on what kind of sex education should be taught; and the best way to teach it in public schools.
It is not uncommon for schools that teach comprehensive sex education to pass out condoms or some other forms of contraception to their students. “Since the late 1980s, some schools have made condoms available to students as part of their multipronged efforts to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and STDs including AIDS” (ACLU). The belief of passing out condoms in a comprehensive sex education program is to discourage a student from engaging in risky sexual behaviors. The distribution of condoms in some comprehensive sex education programs is not to necessarily to promote sex, but
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