The Importance Of Concept Development And Concept Analysis

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In nursing research, clarification is key when discussing concepts. “Clarifying, recognizing, and defining concepts that describe phenomena is the purpose of concept development or concept analysis” (Wills & McEwen, 2011). Without this clarification, information on concepts become broad, ambiguous, and hard to appreciate. The concept this author chose is from Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring. The concept is caring. First, a literature review of the caring concept will be done. Second, this paper will discuss two characteristics of caring. Third, it will explore model cases of caring as well as a contrary and a related case. Fourth, antecedents and consequences will be discussed. Finally, this paper will explore the measurement of caring. Purpose Concept analysis is used for multiple reasons. These include, but are not limited to, showing gaps in nursing knowledge, analyzing the adequacy of concepts that appear similar, making sure the definition of a concept and the way it has been put into practice is correct, and refining concepts that seem to have multiple meanings (Wills & McEwen, 2011). The purpose of this concept analysis is to better understand and define caring in nursing and explain how caring ultimately leads to health. Review of the Literature Review # 1 The first piece of literature under review is titled Caring Theory and Practice – Entering a Simultaneous Concept Analysis by Albertine Ranheim, Anita Karner, and Carina Bertero. Ranheim et al.
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