The Importance Of Concussions In Sports

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In 1994, Sterling Sharpe played for the Green Bay Packers, but he injured his vertebrae and suffered a neck injury and if he continued playing he risked paralyzation (Diaz). Concussions have been become a huge topic, within society. This is a topic that all sports leagues should take into account. A concussion is a bruise to the brain caused by a sudden blow to the head. If an athlete recently got injured and decides to continue playing, he is in danger of acquiring another injury. “This re-injury could cause second-impact syndrome” (Powell). Children and young teenagers are at the greatest risk of traumatic brain injuries. There are professional athletes that still suffer from concussions due to contact sports such as football, and the outcome for a lot of the players that get repeat concussions is sure enough unfortunate because the players become so involved with the injury that the brain is in essence in an overload, and the players cause self-harm. Therefore, it is most definitely an unwise decision to have children take part in sports like this because of the severity in these games, which is favorable in today's society. When considering a youth sport to legitimately analyze whether it is worth risking. Youths should not play contact sports because the equipment is unsafe, an injury could change their lives at a young age, and multiple traumas can lead to early brain damage.
In contact sports, it is necessary to use proper equipment and make sure it is in great form
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