The Importance Of Confidence And Self Esteem

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Confidence and self esteem can be damaged when negative input is received - this could be comments by adults, other children, the child 's own high perception of what a finished product should look like, anotherâ€TMs expectation, or maybe something going wrong - breaking, not sticking together, falling off . Supporting these occasions to make sure / ensure feelings are protected/safeguarded can involve making sure only good encouraging comments are given, that you commiserate over problems together, work together and give suggestions on how it may be possible to correct/overcome the problems - achieving successful outcomes. Support self-esteem and confidence again by allowing the child to lead any new ideas, seeing if these ones work or not. Ways to support confidence and self-esteem
Use positive language.
Take an interest in what 's happening
Listen to the Children. Respond as necessary
Use body and facial language to smile, reassure, encourage, gesture.
Recognise efforts genuinely - if something surprises you, raises a question, ask about it. Congratulate, say how you feel.
Support the work being done and work through problems together.
Be available
Do not judge or pick fault.
Plan new experiences and activities
Suggest and where appropriate offer alternative / different ideas.
Value work by finding ways to use and display it.
Question: Question 21
Answer: Resilience is about being independent, standing on your own two feet or taking back the power.
It is important…
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