The Importance Of Conflict In 'A Long Walk To Water'

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Thesis Statement (What is the most important conflict?): _The most important conflict in “A Long Walk to Water” is mMan vs. sSelf because Salva is battling his own fight mentally. Most people close to him had either died or their whereabouts were unknown, but the strength of his family and friends screamed for him to carry on making him what he is today. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ II. Body Paragraph 1 (Reason 1): A. Topic Sentence (Introduce R1; use transitions) In the beginning Salva had already lost his…show more content…
Commentary: Means: This means even after all these traumatic events both Salva’s Uncle and friend soul’s flow through him, and made him overall a stronger person. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Matters: If Salva didn’t go through these hardships he wouldn’t be the same person today. For example if he still hanged on those memories of grief he would have stop walking, because the path he walked was cluttered with thorns and needles. By also surviving the event with Nile River, Salva’s shown that he’s become a strong person and that he wants to live. ____________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ D. Body Paragraph 1 Concluding Sentence: After all these horrid events he’s triumph over both mental and physical strain, which made him a confident and strong person that does good to the
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