The Importance Of Conflict Resolution

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The term conflict resolution implies that the purpose of interventions is to resolve the conflict (Barsky, 2017, p. 4). Conflict resolution was significant in my childhood, upbringing, and origin. Conflicts were resolved through varied approaches including prayers, counselling, and confrontations. Currently, these practices have influenced the way I handled conflict both at a professional and a personal level. Resolving Conflicts Through Prayer Last school year, one of my students, continued to be disruptive in one of the core classes. Many forms of interventions were employed including meeting the counselor, allowing time for de-escalation, and meeting with the social worker twice per week. None of these interventions seemed to be effective. I realized that the student needed divine intervention. One of my colleagues and myself, decided to pray consistently for improvement in the student’s behavior. Through prayer, we identified that the student’s poor social skills were because of low self-esteem. With praise and affirmation, the student’s negative behaviors soon diminished and the student started to exhibit appropriate mannerisms. Thus, prayer changes things; my parents benefited from this practice and I am still a beneficiary of divine intervention for conflict resolution. Resolving Conflicts Through Counseling Resolving conflicts through counseling was also prevalent in my upbringing. Counseling involved a mediator of a reputable character. Barsky (2017) described a
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