The Importance Of Conflicts In Victorian Literature

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1. Introduction The introduction is designed to make the goals of a writer clear to the reader by outlining the general topics discussed throughout the paper, and it provides a clear and concise thesis statement to wrap all the topics together to convey a point. The introduction is probably the most important part of a paper because it sets up the tone and argument strategy for the rest of the paper. My introduction in paper 1B was revised in order to provide a thesis that was less broad and that highlighted what the “multitude of unusual conflicts” (1) originated from in the story of “The Lifted Veil”. As suggested by the professor, I borrowed ideas voiced in my conclusion to showcase that these conflicts “stem from this mental power” of Latimer’s rather than some vague source. Also, I specified that the conflict characterizes Latimer’s “internal struggle” to resolve any confusion as to what is being characterized. It is highly important that the reader is not confused as to what the thesis is trying to convey because then the paper could be interpreted in multiple ways, all of which may not align with the author’s intended message.
In the writing of paper 3A, I made sure to make my introduction specific and clear. First I started broadly discussing Victorian writing as a whole, but I quickly narrowed down to the topic of obsessively desiring a connection with a deceased loved one in order to prepare the reader for the upcoming thesis statement. The thesis that
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