The Importance Of Conservation Biology

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In areas of the world different species are becoming extinct at a rapid pace. This could be due to the environmental forces acting against them or through acts such as hunting. The reason why conservation biology has a deadline is because the effects of rising populations and the destruction with habitats as a result of the increase. If the event where extinction could occur is caught early enough then scientists would be able to perform conservation biology; however, in many instances if the environmental forces such as pollution or warming climate continues then the species affected would perish. This is the deadline for many species as scientists have been able to predict what might happen in the future and have until that time to get the problem solved.
Although Conservation Biology is an important step in the scientific field which helps many different species around the world. The largest tension this scientific field had was people were skeptical about the science behind this. People had the feeling that this form of science would pass quickly because at the time it was a large idea but then some new science idea would come along and the Conservation Biology would dwindle away. The other aspect was the world’s viewpoints on the field. The United States groups and scientists attempted to look at the entire world’s problems. This created tension among other scientists around the world being accused of being “indifferent to the conservation traditions of other nations

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