The Importance Of Constructivism In Education

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Constructivism is defined as “learner centered, and it emphasizes the importance of individuals actively constructing their knowledge and understanding with guidance from the teacher” (Santrock,2016). While in theory most teachers agree that this is the best way to learn, many teachers like to stick to lecher based direct instruction approach because constructivism tends to lack the structure that students sitting quietly in their desk provides. Direct instruction approach also streamlines and maximizes the time spent on school work. In classrooms where lots of material much be covered in a short amount of time, teachers rely on this approach to get as much information taught as possible. While this approach works for most, those who it does not work for often fall behind and get discouraged. Unfortunately, I was one of these students. I have a learning disability. Its classified as a processing disorder and major effects my reading and writing skills. I remember clearly the first round of testing was done on me to see if I had any learning disabilities. I was in the second grade and I was pulled out of class by a woman with gray hair. She leads me down to the school library and explained to me that she was going to play some games with me to see how I was doing in school. I remember the light were not all the way on and I had to sit in a chair that my legs dangled, and I was uncomfortable within minutes. I also remember that all thoughts “games” were hard. I had to list
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