The Importance Of Continuing Education For A Nurse

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As a brand new nurse coming out of nursing school, you may be thinking that you have completed your education and that you are ready to start practicing as a Registered Nurse. As a new professional this is partially correct, but you still have many years of continuing education. There are two different aspects of continuing education for a nurse: advanced educational programs or specific continuing education courses. Throughout this discussion I will be focusing on the importance of continuing education for nurses. The American Nurses Association defines continuing education (CE) as “learning activities designed to augment the knowledge, skill and attitudes of nurses and therefore enrich the nurses’ contributions to quality healthcare” (as cited in Schaeffer, 2015, p. 13). Continuing education courses are not only important for the individual nurses competences and professionalism, but it is also important in regards to the care delivered to patients and the patient outcomes. Throughout this discussion I will explain the importance of CE, how it is beneficial to the nurse, and how it effects the patients we are giving care to. As for any other profession, CE is a professional responsibility to all nurses as well. Although there are states in the United States that do not require CE in order to renew their license every two years, it is still an obligation every nurse should meet to fulfill their personal competences and knowledge. The ANA sets out The Code for
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