The Importance Of Continuum Of Care In Nursing

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Various revolutionary changes are occurring in the nursing profession thereby indicating that the practice of nursing is expected to transform in the coming years. Available literature shows that nurses are likely to modify how they handle various aspects of nursing care. Regarding the continuum of care, Keller et al. (2017) ascertain that nurses have been managing patients at different stages in their lives. However, nurses did not implement adequate follow-up in the past. Therefore, in future, focus on preventive care rather than curative care is likely to improve the way nurses care for patients from childhood to adulthood thus enhancing the continuum of care. About the nurse-managed health clinics, previously, nurses did not find opportunities to practice independently (Sutter-Barrett, Sutter-Dalrymple, & Dickman, 2015). However, currently, a growing number of committed nurses are providing quality health services to vulnerable communities, which indicates that they are filling a gap that existed in the healthcare industry (Sutter-Barrett et al., 2015). Information from these two research studies shows that increased commitment to preventative care will lead to the need for more nursing professionals to promote health and prevent illness across life spans. The increased demand for improved nursing care delivery has seen medical homes need more competent nursing professionals than in the past. For example, Donelan et al. (2013) argue that previously, nurses did not find
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