The Importance Of Copyright Law For Online Piracy

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So I was walking into the store when I heard my song being played. I turned and walked up to the group of kids that were playing it and they instantly recognized me. I asked them if they had purchased the album and they started laughing. Mind you, they really weren’t that old when one shouted out, “We download out music off a website.” When I got home I called my agent and told him about this website and he let me know that he knew about it and it was costing us hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of cases of this happening to other artist due to violation of copyright laws. Copyright laws were made to protect artist like him but everyday are broken and people are getting away with it. People should be prosecuted for online piracy…show more content…
This is sadly the case in many situations. Some people have such high hopes in their music ability that they give up on everything else, and when we download things illegaly off of the internet small musicians’ like that don’t get to eat. Finally, copyright is a federal law. If something is a federal law then it is clearly a serious issue. If a person breaks a law they should be prosecuted right? Yes they should, so why is there any kind of argument on the issue? if you break a law you should be charged , simple. The only thing about this crime , most the people that have a problem with following this law are teenagers. In a study done by the FBI they asked a group of people how they felt about this crime and 55% said people should be prosecuted. They then asked a group of teenagers how they felt about it and 80% said that they did not have a problem with it. Now someone that is against the prosecution for this crime might say something like, “Well everyone does it so what is the problem?” One artist speaking on the topic stated “last time I checked, it doesn’t matter how many people do it its still illegal.” The amount of people that commit the crime doesn’t make the severity of the crime go down. In a study done by the FBI, millions of files are downloaded everyday worldwide in not just music but also films, computer games, television shows, and software. Not only are you taking files from people but you’re also opening up your computer to viruses and also to
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