The Importance Of Corporal Punishment

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There are many ways to discipline a child. Some ways are you can ground them, yell at them for what they did, or you can spank them. Hitting your child is a form of punishment used throughout history. The most common way people discipline their kids is by Corporal punishment. Corporal punishment is defined as a punishment that can be spanking or slapping a child bare handed. You may also use a belt, paddle, or any flat object to punish the child so that they are in an uncomfortable position or physical pain. Corporal punishment is referred to as physical punishment. This happens when a child misbehaves and the parent needs to discipline the child for what they did. Most corporal punishment happens at home, but also sometimes in public. The way corporal punishment is used should be banned and not used on any children for it changes the child’s behavior, the child’s skills, and its harsh physical punishment.
Spanking can change the child’s behavior. Spanking a child causes aggression among children. “A 2002 meta-analysis of 27 studies across time periods, countries, and ages found a persistent association: children who are spanked regularly are more likely to be aggressive, both as a child and as an adult.” If a parent spanks or hits the child regularly it may also develop a distant relationship between the parent and child. Many children grow up learning right from wrong, but as kids we still don’t listen. Parents spank their kids to stop that bad behavior. So, if we keep
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