Samsung Company Communication Essay

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This essay discusses the importance of corporate communication in business operations, and various areas where communication strategy has an impact, such as marketing, quality management, technical support, public relationships, investor relationship, employee relationship, and research. Communication is especially critical in crisis management, and research shows while crisis affects customer loyalty and future sales, prompt communication and appropriate recovery actions will help customer regain confidence in the company. A study recommended that leaders should only communicate after thoroughly understanding the needs and interest of the audience.
The essay also explores the recent public safety concern of Samsung
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External stakeholders include customers, suppliers, shareholders, and the public. Social Media is changing the communication landscape, and employees need to be careful about casual conversations to blogs and tweets. Twitter and social media reporting now become part of a listening system for user or public sentiment about a company’s brand or products, with companies hiring representatives to monitor and respond to social media postings. Such representatives need to follow business ethics when replying on social media, including revealing their association with the company and its products.
Communication involves a sender, a receiver, and the content (message). Receivers’ characteristics such as personality, attitude, motivation, and perception affect how the message is received and decoded, regardless of the media used and the actual content (Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, 2013, pp. 399-401). Communication can be verbal or non-verbal. With words, effective communication needs the right choice of media in delivering the message. Media differs in richness from low richness for impersonal static media, such as newsletter, to high richness for face-to-face conversations. Choosing the wrong media would result in overloading of information or oversimplification of message (Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, 2013, p. 417). On the other hand, leaders communicate non-verbally by their actions. For
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