The Importance Of Corruption In Iraq

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The lack of anti-corruption agencies and a strong legislature thwarted Russian capitalization, and Iraq must avoid both mistakes in order to create a strong, free-market democracy. Russia’s failure to develop institutions against corruption resulted in a crooked electoral system, which weakened the democracy that was being introduced. By centralizing the power in the executive branch, Russia failed to give adequate power and representation to its regional governments, which obstructed democratization and the free market. Iraq’s embryo democracy ought to learn from these two negative lessons to avoid economic collapse, and create adequate regional representation, legislative power, and anti-corruption organizations. Anti-corruption…show more content…
Since capitalism and democracy are literally by the people, the government must work closely with the people. One of Russia’s great mistakes happened when Yeltsin attempted to force capitalism upon the Russian people in the January of 1992. Instead of working alongside the people to create capitalism, Yeltsin used Gaidar’s price liberalization policy known as “shock therapy” (McCauley 1998, 59). Today, executive power recentralizes. Putin has used military power to establish central control in the executive branch which has given him control over defense, internal affairs, and security. (Chubarov 2001, 259). There is no strong government representing the people that has the power to change the current status. If a strong parliamentary branch of government is formed with power over the president, democracies can more fully represent and work with the people, matching their interests. Regional governments support capitalism more than a strong centralized President. Authoritarian regimes and capitalism don’t mix well, and Russia is the prime example for this. If democracy in Iraq is to succeed, institutions must be made to fight corruption and protect the very things that corruption threatens. Russia’s neglect to fight corruption basically cancelled out the whole purpose of elections. Iraq, with its developing democracy must give parties and candidates equal opportunity in elections through strong institutions protecting
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