The Importance Of Counseling Internship At Highland High School

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I once walked the halls of Highland High School as a very timid student. My lack of confidence had landed me many appointments with my school counselor, Tiffany Strauss. It was in Mrs. Strauss’ office that I gained confidence in myself and overcame many obstacles. It was also where recognized my passion for school counseling. I am a graduate of Rowan University, a CACREP accredited institution. I received my Masters in Counseling in Educational Settings (K-12) and hold a current New Jersey certification. Prior to graduation, I completed my school counseling internship at Highland.
My internship experience during the 2013 – 2014 school year gave me all of the necessary tools to be an excellent school counselor. This experience made me realized
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I currently work as a Behavioral Assistant; I provide in-home behavioral support to adolescents. I work closely with adolescents and their families to diminish challenging behaviors that prevents child from achieving success academically, personally, or socially. This experience has been extremely valuable and has helped me gain more experience with high school aged students. I also work as a 1:1 aide at Timber Creek High School providing daily support to a student with a developmental disability.
This past October, I completed my Student Assistance Coordinator internship at Triton Regional High School. Much like my school counseling internship, I provided direct counseling and referral services to students. I worked collaboratively with the school counselors on many student cases and was extremely active in promoting SAC services. I consider this experience to be a great addition to my school counseling knowledge.
My dedication to school counseling can be seen in my diverse background. I am confident that I will be an effective school counselor. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please feel free to call me at (856) 816-8531 to arrange an interview at your
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