The Importance Of Courage By William English Class

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In English class, we 're learning about some types of courage and how these types are written throughout certain texts. Courage requires an individual to act on what they believe in, feel, or think. Courage is genuinely important being, without courage humans would just be shells of themselves, not asking uncomfortable questions to themselves or others that they can grasp information from. Being courageous and curious share some similarities, although there are some nuances, both require expanding knowledge and asking difficult questions. When someone is being curious, they ask questions that make them uncomfortable to understand the things going on around them or to express true feelings. Nevertheless courage can take several…show more content…
That was a really strong moment because when he was running to Terabithia it felt like he was expressing his true feelings for Leslie and proving he actually didn’t hate her. The other book I read Facing the Lion the kind of courage that was demonstrated the most and that was the most important was the physical courage. Lemasolai risked his body when he came face-to-face with a lion. that was risking his body because the lion could 've attacked at any moment but Lemasolai was mad at the lion because the lion ate his mother 's favorite cow. Those were the types of courages that I found were most important in each books. As I mentioned I read Bridge to Terabithia over the summer. There were numerous types of courage displayed throughout the book but I think the most important type of courage was the intellectual / emotional courage. Bridge to Terabithia was about a kid who loved to run that was trying to be the fastest kid in his grade but the he met a girl named Leslie who pretty much changed his life (and who could outrun him). Together they built a world they named Terabithia which was kind of their safe place but then a tragic accident occurs and the main character must overcome his feelings and express what he’s really thinking. “They found the Burke girl this morning down in the creek.” “No,” he
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