The Importance Of Creative Writing

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To think outside the box, to learn to tell enthralling stories, and to write with insight. These are some of the great things that make creative writing become irreplacalbe in my writing life. My writing life starts out with writing whatever comes out to my head, without being troubled by grammar mistakes and a lack of sentence variety. In this case, anything that has to do with free writing such as writing stories and fictions are the things I’m most into in my writing life. But whenever I say I love writing, what I really mean is that I enjoy seeing the process of turning small ideas into bigger ideas, and eventually turning it into my own fiction. I’m not a fan of anything that’s related to academic writing, but creative writing is definitely a thing that I would like to do during a Sunday afternoon break. From historical events to fictional characters, my writing material ranges and varies as my mood changes. When I first start doing creative writing four years ago, I found that one of the reasons that it means so much to my writing life is that it allows me to choose what role I am playing every single day—One day I’ll be dear John who is left by his wife during World War II, another day I’ll be Sacagawea who creates legend that no one will ever forget in human history. With creative writing, I am free to take any role without limitation, and display the plot in my own special way. One of the roles I enjoy playing the most is Mary Sheedy, a widow from the Gilded Age
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