The Importance Of Critical Pedagogy In Education

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A University must empower the students that attend, in order to fully prepare them for their future, and careers. In order to feel empowered, one must feel confident, and respected. In the Greenville University men’s soccer program, much like many other college sports teams, have a dysfunctional class ranking system that thrives on inequity, subsequently our program has been challenged to model a brotherhood that does not see class rankings, but rather appreciates each, and every individual regardless of their age, or class. “Critical pedagogy allows students to speak with greater authority because they are drawing on knowledge they already possess” (Critical Pedagogy, Butler and McCunn). Critical pedagogy is an idea that each student will possess a different power, and knowledge that will empower the students, and teachers combined. Allowing the students to work off of the knowledge they already possess, allows the students to speak through the different lenses that each one has. Instead of having a teacher teach through only one lens, their very own, critical pedagogy allows a fair conversation, and a just world, because it allows each person to have a voice. The syllabus put it very simply, but elegantly that I must use the wording, “In general critical pedagogy acquaints students with societal structures that reinforce inequity and invites and empowers them to engage with their communities and to be agents of change in their communities” (Syllabus, Malone). The most
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