The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is meaningful and beneficial in many ways. It is not about the criticizing, instead, it is the thinking about the thinking process. It reflects our own thoughts and perceptions towards certain situation. In my personal experience, by practicing thinking critically, gives me the chance to build up my skills on thinking objectively, and non-judgmentally. It also reminds me of analyzing the situation from different perspectives. And this helps me to be more empathetic about client’s struggles. I have learned not to draw conclusion too fast before I fully assess the situation. By practicing the critical thinking, I am able to understand more about where the clients come from and meet the clients at where they are at. When…show more content…
When talking to the consumer over the phone requires critical thinking. I notice that everyone has his or her own interacting style with the consumers. It requires the critical thinking when doing the intake and referrals over the phone as well as documenting. My “mentor” Helen, the Quality Specialist, just discuss about the confidentiality with me recently. She had shared one of the story happened to one Long-term Care screener. The client was in the process of applying Medicaid, yet, she didn’t claim one of her assets, which is the cottage she co-owns with her sister. The screener caught that during the conversation and she realized that could potentially cause trouble in the future if Medicaid catch the fraud. The screener encouraged the client to tell Medicaid staff, but she refused to do so. What would I do under that circumstance? How do I document this? Can I tell the Medicaid worker about this? I personally think the client needs to report this to avoid the penalty and I want to report this to the Medicaid worker who is sitting across to me. But the confidentiality requires me not saying anything without the client’s consent. All I can do is to tell the client the potential consequences if this is found as a fraud, and encourage her to report it. Having critical thinking enables me to think objectively and eliminate my personal bias when interacting with people in different settings. For instance, I use critical thinking in class to process
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