The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Over time society and technology change, and so do our skills in almost about everything, for instance our survival skills. Learning to think critically and creatively, is the scientist’s uttermost skill to have. Scientists are able to correctly repeat data, identify problems, record observations, and plan experiments. Critical thinking is when you confront or approach a problem by making observations, ask questions, and use logic. Scientists use critical thinking, in problems that occur in their experiments. As a result of using critical thinking, in the problems we face everyday, it will help solve your problems. Scientific methods are also used to solve problems, but it seems more complicated and complex. There generally used to help organize the persons thinking about questions. Using this method can help you find and analyze possible answers. Important to know or realize is the steps from the sets of procedures that scientists use, is the scientific method and these steps can vary. The sets of procedures don’t always depend on the question to be answered; these questions more than often, begin with observations. Every time you use a scientific method, you don’t have to use the exact same steps. Scientists that do controlled experiments are able to test a hypothesis’s. Variables are needed in these experiments, because of the result of the changing and observed variables. In a controlled experiment, variables that don’t affect the outcome of the experiment are not observed; only the ones that affect the outcome. Changing conditions in the experiment around the same time can affect and can effect the scientist to form a reliable conclusion. Ideas that scientists have been tested by experiments. In an experiment that doesn't give the results you wanted, it is not considered as a failure. For a hypothesis to be revised and to have planned tests of a different variable, observations of events in the natural world are needed. Due to extraordinary and surprising experimental results, scientists are led in new unknown directions. For scientists not to create a false conclusion, they always keep in mind the question that it is needed to be tested. After they have planned and analyzed their experiments, they
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