The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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To most people, thinking is simply just thinking. Often one does not break down their thought process, or worry if how they are thinking is appropriate, logical or beneficial; they are just thinking. All though simple thinking is better than not thinking at all, we all should become accustomed to critical thinking. As an upcoming student in the medical profession, the importance of critical thinking is essential. The medical field is full of mysteries and the unimaginable, so naturally, basic thinking will not be enough. After reading through this article, I believe that it can help develop critical thinking skills for people tremendously.
Every scenario we are placed in, we must use critical thinking skills. The first steps to becoming a better critical thinker are to be reasonable and never be close-minded. Being reasonable is highly important because it can help us differentiate between absurdity or a rare medical case. “Look on the surface. Look beneath the surface. Listen to what people say. Look closely at what they do. Notice when you are unwilling to listen to the views of others when you simply see yourself as right and others as wrong.” ( Eldar) One must also always possess an open mind. Being narrowly minded is the worst thing you can do when trying to analyze. If you limit your thought process, you can miss vital information simply because you do not let your mind try and think of different scenarios, options or even diagnosis’s. “They are adept at taking
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