The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Improving one’s thinking is one key to becoming a quality critical thinker and is accomplished through a series of elements of reasoning and quality standards for evaluating all thinking processes (Celuch & Slama, 1999). According to Merriam-Webster (n.d.), standards are models or examples that are used to measure; therefore critical thinking and reasoning are measured by intellectual models or criteria. For instance, clarity of thinking refers to points that are easy to follow due to being explained well so that it is clearly understood (The Intellectual Standards, 2014). In so much, critical thinking requires the purpose or goal to be clearly and precisely stated so that there is no confusion and the purpose will result in success (Paul & Elder, 2012). For example, important questions involving clarity might involve elaborating on the subject, giving illustrations or examples, or expressing the thought in a different way (Paul & Elder, 2012). Another standard of thinking is relevance which means that each thought is important and that it makes a difference in the overall thought process (The Intellectual Standards, 2014). According to Paul & Elder (2012), if it directly relates and makes a difference on the issue, it is relevant. Using information and data that supports and makes a difference in the final outcome of an issue is an example of relevant information. Relevance questions to ask in the thinking process are if this information relates to the problem, does it
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