The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Watson and Glaser (1980) view critical thinking as being more than a specific set of cognitive skills- rather critical thinking is a composite of skills, knowledge and attitudes. They explain that critical thinking comprises an understanding of the nature of making inferences and generalizations and the skills of being able to consider carefully the logic and accuracy of evidence. They also express the notion that having the ability to think critically is a key element to being fully functional in our modern complex society. For them, critical thinking is a fundamental requirement to being able to actively participate in one's social and political circles. Critical thinking skills are essential to every aspect of learning. Studies show that the earlier these skills are introduced, the greater a learner's chance for academic success. A child who can think critically will be a better reader, writer, test-taker and learner-both inside and outside of the classroom. Human behavior is mostly affected by the underlying motivations and reasons. They are rarely investigated in terms of being rational. Mostly we do the cliché is done without questioning the origins, whys, assumptions etc. this happens generally in classrooms. The fact that students are there to improve their cognitive skill by thinking; discipline-based instruction is ignored and the sense of curiosity and thinking which are crucial for their future is killed being allowed to act automatically and uncritically, not
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