The Importance Of Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is a prerequisite to rationality. This means that there must be a problem-solving mechanism that seeks to conclude on the expected outcomes. As such, critical thinking is tied around finding solutions to a problem. It is important to note that there is a bias towards the end result to determine whether critical thinking was employed. This makes sense because failing to find a solution to a problem cannot be classified as critical thinking. As Steven Johnson said in Where Good Ideas Come from, it is important to incorporate critical thinking in a problem-solving process to ensure that the desired outcome is achieved (Johnson, 2010). He states that good ideas come from chaotic environment, even providing a photo of a…show more content…
What is more, critical thinking encompasses the use of various techniques that translate into an exciting process towards problem-solving. As such, Reiter-Palmon and Illies (2004) emphasize that any problem, when handled creatively, translates into an environment whereby there is engagement, collaboration, and dialogue in the development of solutions. As a result, when critical thinking is applied effectively, it assists an individual to create solutions and positive experiences that lead to the development of new ideas. Further, in reference to Reiter-Palmon and Illies (2004), critical thinking denotes an engaging process that is reliant on the use of various intellectual skills coupled with activities. The activities and intellectual skills are focused towards the evaluation of information, making assumptions, and sparking a thinking process that is disciplined. Hence, an effective critical thinking process is noteworthy towards ensuring that an individual can assess information comprehensively. Reiter-Palmon and Illies (2004) further believe that critical thinking is a necessary part of the creative problem process since it assists in the identification of false ideas that may impede the creation of solutions to various problems. Critical thinking is equally based on
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